Evolving Trends in Marketing

Monday, Session 2: 11:15–11:55am

Track 3: Evolving Trends in Marketing

Driving Millennial Engagement with Content

Gaining the trust and attention of millennial consumers presents significant challenges. A few brands, however, have developed successful new approaches to news, entertainment and other content that taps into the interests and consumption preferences of Gen Y. Our speakers create groundbreaking short-form videos and pioneering news and media content that captivate a young audience. Hear from the experts what it takes to get this much-coveted generation to engage, and how they're using content to gain both mindshare and dollars from Gen Y.


Cory Haik
Chief Strategy Officer, Mic
Amanda Hesser
Co-Founder & CEO, Food52
Karen Moon
CEO & Co-Founder, Trendalytics
Brian Sugar
Co-Founder & CEO, POPSUGAR


Jeff Richards
Managing Partner, GGV Capital