Disruptive Startups and Pioneering Brands

Monday, Session 5: 2:25–3:05pm

Track 1: Disruptive Startups and Pioneering Brands

Recommerce Startups Driving Sales

The recommerce trend is growing, with an increasing number of companies providing end-to-end services for consumers to sell unwanted products. The creation of these streamlined secondary market platforms not only enables increased convenience in sales of used goods, but helps establish resale markets and the value of products, boosting primary market retail sales. In this session, we'll hear from companies at the forefront of this trend as they discuss how their various upfront payment and consignment models, retail partnerships and data-driven platforms are driving sales of both pre-owned and new products.


Manish Chandra
Founder & CEO, Poshmark
Tracy DiNunzio
CEO & Founder, Tradesy
Sebastien Fabre
CEO & Co-Founder, Vestiaire Collective
James Reinhart
CEO & Co-Founder, thredUP


Dana Telsey
CEO and Chief Research Officer, Telsey Advisory Group