IoT and Sensors

Monday, Session 6: 3:10–3:50pm

Track 4: IoT and Sensors


Chips and sensors have become cheaper and smaller, enabling a boom in the introduction of wearable technologies such as fitness bands, smart watches and smart clothes. While wearables have yet to realize their full potential, the impact on commerce will likely be significant. Hear leading innovators discuss consumer adoption of wearables, the evolution of personal device ecosystems and their effect on the relationships between brands and consumers.


Christina d'Avignon
CEO, Ringly
Shaz Kahng
Board Director & CMO, OMSignal
Sandra Lopez
VP, New Technology Group
Strategic Relationships & Business Development, New Devices Group, Intel
Leslie Muller
Co-Lead, The Shop, VSP Global


Liza Kindred
Founder & CEO, Third Wave Fashion