Entrepreneurship and Investment

Tuesday, Session 3: 12:00–12:40pm

Track 4: Entrepreneurship and Investment

Beyond Venture Capital Investment

Entrepreneurs today are turning to a wide variety of sources to fund their businesses. Some seek out investment from large brands and retailers while others turn to accelerators, incubators and crowdsourcing options to fund early-stage rollouts. In this session, we'll hear from different types of investors about their areas of focus, approaches to funding and the businesses that excite them. Speakers will discuss how they're creating environments for testing and incubating new ideas, working with established organizations and more.


Saeed Amidi
Founder & CEO, Plug and Play
Slava Rubin
Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Indiegogo
West Stringfellow
Vice President, Internal Innovation and Operations, Target


Lockie Andrews
CEO & Managing Director, Catalyst Consulting