Measurement, Analytics and Insights

Tuesday, Session 5: 2:25–3:05pm

Track 3: Measurement, Analytics and Insights

New Approaches To Personalization

While personalization has been a buzzword for many years, innovation is accelerating. New technologies enable retailers to move beyond basic recommendations and understand what consumers are likely to search for and which products will best meet their needs. Hear technology leaders discuss how customer expectations of personalization are changing, what personalization will look like in the future and which retailers today are using customer data to truly revolutionize both marketing and site experiences.


Bill Adler
CEO, True Fit
Neil Capel
Founder & Chairman, Sailthru
Raj De Datta
CEO & Co-Founder, BloomReach Inc.
Michael Klein
Head of Industry Strategy — Retail, Adobe Systems


Steve Dennis
President & Founder, SageBerry Consulting