Collaborative Consumption and the Sharing Economy

Wednesday, Session 1: 10:00–10:40am

Track 2: Collaborative Consumption and the Sharing Economy

Session B: Innovations Enabling The Sharing Economy And Broader Retail Sector

In this session, we’ll hear from venture-backed startups that have developed solutions enabling sharing economy businesses to thrive. These solutions leverage data science to authenticate both customers and providers, and use automated tools to screen, hire and onboard a vast and constantly churning on-demand workforce. We’ll learn how these technologies enable both the sharing economy and traditional businesses—including retailers—to improve both marketing and operational efficiencies.


Sarabjit Baveja
Co-Founder & CEO, Trooly
Keith Ryu
CEO, OnboardIQ


Rob Cain
Partner - Advisory, Retail & Consumer, Technology Consulting Leader, PwC