Changing Consumer Preferences

Wednesday, Session 2: 10:45–11:25am

Track 4: Changing Consumer Preferences

Emerging Digital Strategies for Local Businesses

While some shoppers prefer to buy locally, many smaller local businesses haven't fully migrated online, making them less digitally accessible. New technologies and platforms, however, are making it easier for even the most solidly offline businesses to engage with connected consumers, enabling them to shop, order and book through digital channels. In this session, hear from technology leaders that are bringing small, traditional businesses online, enabling connected consumers to more easily tap into their desire to buy and consume locally.


Ethan Anderson
Founder & CEO, MyTime
Noah Glass
Founder & CEO, Olo
Farbod Shoraka
Co-Founder & CEO, BloomNation
Christopher Webb
CEO & Co-Founder, ChowNow


Ben Sun
Co-Founder & General Partner, Primary Venture Partners