ICX Association

The ICX Association connects B2C organizations to technology that elevates the customer experience. We do this by partnering with industry experts like manufacturers, systems integrators, agencies and other consultants to curate and create content in the form of live & virtual events, downloadable articles, papers and research from our website and user-generated content that happens in the social space on our website.

Our live events include the ICX Summit and ICX Symposium series, which give attendees unique opportunities to learn about the latest innovations in customer experience and network with industry thought-leaders and peers.

Each year, we hand out the ICX Association Elevate Awards, which recognize the best in customer engagement across many vertical markets. The awards are handed out at our annual ICX Summit, which takes place in Dallas, June 1-3, 2016.

The ICX Association's mission includes: retail, dining, travel, hospitality, healthcare,retail banking & finance, entertainment, education and government — basically, any brick-and-mortar destination where delivering a transcendent experience counts.