Session Information

Tuesday, May 17th, 11:15–11:55am

TRACK 3: Measurement, Analytics and Insights

Innovations in Offline Data Capture and Analytics

Alex Winter
Founder & CEO, Placemeter
Alex is both a computer vision geek and a repeat tech entrepreneur. Born and raised in France, a proud Brooklynite today, Alex is the CEO and founder of Placemeter. Prior to Placemeter, Alex co-founded LTU Technologies, a venture backed startup, pioneer in large scale image search by content. As a CTO then CEO of the company, Alex helped bring LTU to profitability in three years. LTU was successfully acquired by a Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Prior to LTU, Alex was a researcher in Computer Vision at INRIA. He also worked at Airbus, building vision based missile guidance systems. Alex holds an MSc and a PhD in Image Recognition from Telecom ParisTech, holds 9 patents in the field. Alex also advises various startups in New York, and is a mentor of the Techstars NYC program.