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Monday, May 16th, 3:10–3:50pm

TRACK 1: Disruptive Startups and Pioneering Brands

Startups Disrupting The Retail Value Chain

Ariel Kaye
CEO & Founder, Parachute
Ariel Kaye is the Founder and CEO of Parachute, a direct-to-consumer home essentials brand based in Venice Beach, CA. Prior to launching Parachute, Kaye spent ten years working in brand development and advertising in New York. During her career, she has led strategic endeavors for her clients, including product development, content, digital campaigns and user experience with a focus on the consumer goods and luxury categories. Her expertise in qualitative and quantitative research yielded valuable insight into customer behavior and enabled her to better understand the consumer mindset, intention and motivation — invaluable takeaways when creating the Parachute brand.

Long intrigued by the interplay of design and wellness, Kaye relocated from New York to her hometown of Los Angeles, intent on establishing a brand that addressed both consumers' need for quality bedding but also sound sleep. Parachute was imagined as a way to deliver premium bedding at an accessible price point, to put an end to confusing marketing gimmicks like thread count, and to create a community committed to sleep and wellness both online and off.

Kaye earned a Master's Degree in Media Studies from the New School, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Gallatin School at NYU. She is also a certified yoga instructor and aspiring surfer.