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Sandeep Bhanote
CEO, Radius8
Sandeep Bhanote has over 15 years of experience as a start-up entrepreneur, building strong product, marketing and innovative teams in the retail technology sector and successfully delivering emerging technologies to market in a profitable and scalable way. Prior to founding Radius8, Sandeep was the founder and CEO of Global Bay Mobile Technologies, a pioneer in delivering transactional mobile solutions to emerging Omni and Brick and Mortar retailers and driving the wide adoption of Apple mobile devices in stores. This innovation created the path to closing the gap between digital and brick and mortar channels in retailing.

Under Bhanote's leadership, Global Bay delivered a mobile platform for the retail enterprise which transformed the in-store landscape by delivering integrated MobilePOS, high service-level Clienteling, Inventory Management and other robust omni-channel capabilities. Global Bay was acquired by VeriFone in 2011 and subsequently became part of enterprise omni-channel leader Manhattan Associates in 2014 and serves as the basis for their in-store omni-channel strategy.

Radius8 is driving the next disruption in retail by leveraging the power of location to drive net-new sales to the store. The radius8 platform leverages seamless integration with store inventory and a frictionless consumer experience. Retailers now have a single point of orchestration where they control their physical and digital presence, capturing new customers and increased revenues.