Session Information

Monday, May 16th, 3:10–3:50pm

TRACK 2: Physical Retail Goes Digital

Session A: Market Research — Redefining Commerce: The New Retail Reality

Bernardine Wu
Founder & CEO, FitForCommerce
Bernardine Wu is the founder and CEO of FitForCommerce, a boutique consultancy that helps hundreds of brands and retailers accelerate their businesses through digital, ecommerce and omnichannel strategies, technology and innovation leverage, and organizational optimization. As trusted advisors, Bernardine and her team have cemented FitForCommerce's unique position at the center of the digital commerce universe.

Bernardine and the FitForCommerce team powers The Innovation Office which curates emerging technologies to help retailers keep up with and demystify retail digital innovation and The NRF-FitForCommerce Omnichannel Retail Index — the industry's premier omnichannel benchmark. A frequent speaker and writer for leading industry conferences and resources including NRF/ and Internet Retailer, Bernardine is a thought leader of digital and retail operations and innovation. Her early career and focus on investment diligence began at Accenture and Wall Street.