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Morgan Hermand-Waiche
Founder & CEO, Adore Me
Morgan Hermand-Waiche is Founder and CEO of Adore Me, a disruptive e-commerce startup revolutionizing the lingerie industry, ranked #2 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies in NYC. With $11.5M raised from VCs and private investors, Morgan leads a team of 82 employees across the US and Europe. Since its launch in 2012, Adore Me has established a loyal VIP Membership client base and gained a massive online presence with over 1M Facebook followers.

Morgan was born to a family three generations into the French fashion retail industry. As a rebellious geek, he didn't want to take over the family business but dreamt of starting his own thing from scratch. Instead, Morgan joined McKinsey & Company, and after 3 years of professional advice-giving, went to fulfill his entrepreneurial dream in the land of opportunity. Influenced by one too many American movies, he came to the US with one suitcase, a dream and not much else. To quickly penetrate the US investor scene, he joined Harvard Business School.

Like in every good story — there was a girl. His girlfriend's birthday was coming up, and he wanted to get her something beautiful. Being French, Morgan immediately thought of lingerie. Looking online, he found that the beautiful, fashionable lingerie were way outside his budget. The bras alone were expensive, and there was no way he could afford a full set of bra and panties. The things he could afford were outdated and of poor quality, and the size ranges were limited to very specific body types. If he was facing this problem in a single hour of lingerie shopping, women must be facing this problem all the time. Leveraging his experience growing up in the French fashion industry, he decided to start a company that makes fashionable, high quality lingerie, at affordable prices and a wide range of sizes and fit. The company would be 100% online to cut out high retail costs, and would pamper customers with monthly VIP lingerie memberships.

And so, Adore Me was born. Morgan's first investors were his Harvard professors, and he recruited Helen Mears, former Director of Design at Victoria's Secret, to lead product design. They were set to disrupt the lingerie industry, and Adore Me launched its website at 2012. Less than 4 years later, Adore Me was ranked #14 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies in America, topping the charts as the #2 fastest-growing company in retail and #2 fastest-growing company in NYC. Morgan's vision is to grow Adore Me to take over the lingerie industry, and to make beautiful fashion affordable for every body.