Session Information

Monday, May 16th, 3:10–3:50pm

TRACK 3: Evolving Trends in Marketing

Session B: Engaging New Influencers

Conor Begley
President, Tribe Dynamics
Conor is the co-founder and president of Tribe Dynamics. Conor and co-founder Jon Namnath founded Tribe Dynamics in April 2012, after Conor discovered the power and potential of influencer marketing while working in Australia. With extensive experience in search marketing, reputation management and CRM systems, Conor and Jon decided that influencer marketers needed their own analytical systems and enterprise-class technology. What began as an intuitive theory shared by two long-time friends, the Silicon Valley based startup in just over two years has become a leading authority in technical marketing and social analytics within the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries. Under Conor's direction, Tribe has developed close relationships with some of the beauty industry's top brands and publications, including WWD/Beauty Inc. and The CEW's Beauty Insider, who both feature the startup's analytics and expertise on an ongoing basis.