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David Gudai
Co-Founder & CEO, Ideally
David is the CEO and co-founder of Ideally, an SF-based startup creating a next-generation marketplace with a new model of commerce. For consumers, Ideally is a mobile commerce and wishlisting app where they can save products and brand gift cards along with the sale prices they want to pay. For companies, Ideally is one part analytics platform and one part new sales channel - providing transparency into consumer demand and the ability to instantly capture orders through an interactive demand curve with a "Sell Now" button. Ideally is currently in public beta - available for iOS in the App Store.

Prior to founding Ideally, David was the CMO of Storkie Express, an ecommerce company offering custom-printed invitations and cards. At Storkie, David cut his teeth in every facet of digital marketing, from design to implementation to optimization. Google created a case study about his early work on dynamic remarketing.

David received his BS and two MS degrees in engineering from Stanford University.