Session Information

Monday, May 16th, 12:00–12:40pm

TRACK 2: Physical Retail Goes Digital

Emerging In-Store Interactive Technologies

Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky
Founder & CEO, Memomi Labs
Salvador (a.k.a. Salva) is often called an inventor, entrepreneur, interactive design expert, and retail technologist. He is also the Founder of MemoMi—an award winning startup which released the world’s first real “digital mirror”.

Like many cool technology solutions, he started this company to address a customer need—to make the retail shopping experience better. MemoMi’s digital MemoryMirror™ gives shoppers 360 degree, true-to-life views of themselves—without distortion and without spending hours upon hours in the fitting room. Using simple body gestures, or a smartphone app, shoppers can control the MemoryMirror™ to change outfit styles, sizes, and colors; see themselves dressed in different outfits side-by-side; and instantly share images and videos of themselves with friends via smartphones and social media.

Today, the MemoMi’s MemoryMirror ™ platform is installed at dozens of retailers stores including Neiman Marcus, Uniqlo, American Eagle, Kenneth Cole, among others and counts technology innovators such as Intel, Adobe, IBM and Corning as strategic partners. The company and its offerings are expanding internationally and into other sectors such as eyewear and cosmetics.

Salva can always be found at the crossroads of innovation, interactive design and technology. He holds 16 patents to his name and has founded several other technology related start-ups.