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Monday, May 16th, 10:30–11:10am

TRACK 1: Disruptive Startups and Pioneering Brands

Startups Driving Product Innovation

Phoebe Hayman
CEO, Seedling
Phoebe Hayman is the co-founder and CEO of Seedling USA, Inc. Born in New Zealand, Phoebe spent her childhood in the US before returning to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in art and photography. Forming her first business at the age of nine, Phoebe seemed destined to become an entrepreneur.

Phoebe founded Seedling in 2007 after noticing a lack of children's products that supported and inspired open-ended play. The inspiration for the company and her entrepreneurial spirit proved to be the perfect combination, as Phoebe has led a brand that started at her kitchen table to its current worldwide success. Drawing on her experiences as a mother, entrepreneur, and business owner, Phoebe is the driving force behind the company's strategic direction. She remains actively involved with product design, brand development, and sales for the line of children's toys, gifts, and activity kits which are now sold in over 20 countries and in retailers such as Barney's New York, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Harrods, and more. Phoebe also regularly contributes to the brand's blog, Cultivate, drawing on her unique experiences to offer her thoughts on making the most of childhood.

While keeping imaginative play at the center of Seedling's growth, Phoebe is passionate about revolutionizing play for children and enhancing the creative experience for the whole family.

Phoebe is an avid reader and enjoys painting. She currently resides in Southern California with her husband and two sons.