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Tuesday, May 17th, 3:10–3:50pm

TRACK 4: Changing Consumer Preferences

Product Customization Using 3D Printing and Imaging

Arden Rosenblatt
Arden Rosenblatt is the CEO and co-founder of Pittsburgh based 3D printing startup PieceMaker Technologies ( PieceMaker’s mission is to provide automated, easy-to-use systems for creating personalized products on-demand. Through their proprietary platform, PieceMaker has become a leader in the emerging market of custom and personalized products on-demand, enabling retailers, venues and brands to include non-technical shoppers in the design of the products they buy with nearly instant delivery. This fun and easy process eliminates traditional supply chains to create more meaningful products, stronger customer connections and exceptional unit economics.

A graduate of the AlphaLab Gear accelerator program, PieceMaker has received national press, including being named “Best of Toy Fair 2016” by Popular Science Magazine. PieceMaker is already working with companies like Nickelodeon, Toys"R"Us and Ford Motors to enable mass personalization and live 3D printing in physical retail locations.

Arden Rosenblatt holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an MS in Engineering & Technology Innovation Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to entering the world of 3D printing, Arden worked at a NYC housing development company, managing energy efficiency measures, rebate programs and LEED certification. During this time Arden created a new grants and rebates program which funded nearly $1M of additional work in NYC’s lower income neighborhoods.

Arden is passionate about connecting people, technology and opportunity. Since co-founding PieceMaker Technologies in early 2013, Arden has become an evangelist for the “digital supply chain”, and has spoken on the subject at universities, conferences and events nationally. Arden has also spoken and consulted on lean product development, physical retail and future manufacturing.

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