Session Information

Wednesday, May 18th, 11:30am–12:10pm

TRACK 2: Collaborative Consumption and the Sharing Economy

Peer-to-Peer Models Disrupting Commerce

Richard Wolpert
CEO, HelloTech
A pioneer in the fields of technology, consumer digital media and entertainment for more than 25 years. Extensive experience as an executive, entrepreneur and as an investor.

Responsible for many "firsts" throughout his career including: conceiving of and teaching the first Macintosh Programming Class at Stanford University (CS 193C), the first multi-user address book for the Macintosh (TouchBase), the first kids internet subscription service (Disney's Daily Blast), the first Tivo-like product for Internet Radio (BitBopTuner), the first legitimate music subscription service for the Internet (MusicNet), and the first legitimate online movie subscription service (Starz! On Demand). Successfully negotiated ground breaking deals with several of the major media companies whose content became the basis for many of these products.

As an investor, is the cofounder and Managing Director of Amplify.LA, manages personal investment fund, Chance Technologies (1995 to Present), serves as an advisor to Accel Partners (2006 to Present), served as a partner at the Yucaipa Companies (1998 to 2000), and served as the Managing Director of the Mail Room Fund (2008 to 2010). Invested in more than 40 companies, a large percentage of which have had successful exits or continue on as successful companies, including: AdECN, AMG, AndroMedia, AudioMill, Data Sage, GameFly, GameSpy, Jukin Media, Kongregate, Lookout,,, People Support, Smilebox, Sometrics, Three Rings. Scopely, Playdek, Universal Audio, and Vox Media.